a friendly guide to spirits, cocktails and beverages for beginners

About Me

I love food and drinks… more-so than breathing.

I love tasting the subtleties between Highland single malts compared to a Lowland whisky or the way a red Burgundy is completely different from a California Pinot Noir. I love the way a well-made, balanced cocktail can make food come alive. I also love the way eight shots of rum can only be followed up with a light beer and a greasy burger, or a chicken fried steak topped with two eggs and a side of home fries.

What experience do I have? I’ve been drinking for years… both professionally and for fun. I’ve had drinks in over twenty countries traveling throughout North America, South America and Europe.  I ran the beverage program at high-volume wine bar in DC with over 35 wines by the glass as well as a whisky bar with 65 single malts and 100 whiskies in Seattle. I’m a certified Sommelier and I continue to learn more about new craft beers and unique liquors daily.

I love what I do and I love sharing it with others. I think a lot of people think that great beverages or spirits are a secret but they’re not. The purpose of this blog is to share information that covers basics in spirits, mixology and other beverages.

Thanks for reading and prost!


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